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All Incomes are donation to the Haifa Rape Crisis Center (HRCC)

- About the Project-

Welcome to the website for the struggle against sexual and domestic violence, a collaboration between the Haifa Rape Crisis Center (HRCC) and the band Gunned Down Horses. If you’ve made it this far we thank you for your willingness to take part in our struggle.

In 2016 we wrote the band's first song, Turtle Doves, it is a ballad telling the tale of a domestic abuse victim. Ever since the band was formed we have been touring across the world, and we ended each of our shows with this song. Every night we were approached by many women and men who shared heart wrenching stories with us. Out of these stories which we've heard, and also out of the ones some of us personally experienced, we are finally releasing Turtle Doves in the form of a children's book illustrated by the Haifa based artist, Tal Asulin. Together with the book, the song became a multi-disciplinary piece which includes music, text and illustrations that help convey the message in an encompassing way.

As artists, galloping long distances can be very lonely, especially in the eyes of artists galloping solely for themselves, for recognition and for approval. Since we reached the stadiums in Russia things began to change, we were no longer interested in galloping alone, and out of belief that art can make a change we decided we want to go the full distance – out of a true will to make a change.

Therefore we decided to join forces with the Haifa Rape Crisis Center (HRCC). The dedicated activists of the crisis center and fight this daily fight and help women, children and men as one; in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English; for all sectors with no discrimination based on religion race or gender. The crisis center is a nonprofit organization, and we feel morally obliged, especially after listening to so many stories from our audience, to sing out, loud and clear, for those who feel they lost their voice. We are here to fight for this cause, and we welcome all of you to join us.

- About HRCC -

Haifa Rape Crisis Center (HRCC), established in 1979 – our goal is to assist victims of sexual abuse and to eradicate sexual violence which hurts all sectors of the Israeli society. The crisis center is in charge of the entire northern district of Israel, from Hadera to Israel's northern border (excluding Kiryat Shmona, the Kineret and the Golan).         

The crisis center has 40 years of professional experience treating victims of sexual violence. The crisis center operates 24/7 in order to fight sexual violence and to promote a more equal and respectful society for our children.

To learn more about the Haifa Rape Crisis Center (HRCC) click here

Disturbing data:

1 of every 3 women gets sexually abused in her lifetime.

1 of every 5 women gets raped.

1 of every 5 girls gets molested.

Boys and girls under 12 are assaulted in similar percentages.

Only 6% of sexual assault cases are reported to authorities.

Over 85% of sexual assailants are known to the victims prior to the assault.

Help us, order the book and contribute to the struggle. This is the longest and most meaningful gallop, which we go on together, as a society. We must have each other's back.

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