International Festival.. WOW: Video Inside

Last night an amazing thing happened, “The Zone” in Tel-Aviv was filled with open-minded people who came to listen to new music from around the world, and that is huge! They also brought legs that didn’t stop dancing and hands that didn’t stop clapping. Each and every one of them brought a voice that sang with us and cheered, but most importantly they all came with a big warm heart yearning to make a change.

Our friends OSOG, ERLA, Einfach Kurt and HOMIE, came from across the sea and gave it all on stage for our cause, and we are truly thankful for that.

But above all, our new book is skyrocketing and the first round of donations is incredible. We want to thank all of you who attended last night, all went smoothly and the place was filled with love thanks to you. Thank you for opening you hearts and your wallets, you are amazing and this is only the beginning. Tomorrow we continue our campaign and our festival in the Wunderbar in Haifa.

Here is a short video by the wonderful Yalon Schori, a short taste of yesterday’s events.

Coming next week we will announce a very special event, our next production. We love you.

This is just the beginning ‏#LetFlowersbeflowers ‏