Gunned Down Horses is Nominated for Song of the Year Award for the Second Year in a Row!

Something wonderful happened to us - Last year we won the "Song of the Year Award" from the Israeli rock station "Ze Rock" - last week we were honored to be announced , we are nominated this year ONCE AGAIN !!! This time with our song 'Turtle Doves' and we are so proud!

As many of you know, since June 2018 with the launch of this song, we donate every revenue from it, from the children book Issued with it, and all its royalties - to Haifa's Sexual Assault Assistance Center and we've already raised thousands of shekels for the cause - so now , This is the moment we ask you - in order to raise awareness and help us win the prize again - this time it will be a community victory for all those who cannot and cannot speak! enter the link below and vote for us - find our name (between this electric and tonic clonic) And send your vote. We will be forever grateful.