6.6 Fest - Revealed

We talked so much about this date, and it's time to reveal its true purpose, The purpose for which we built this festival. Aside from the lineup, a new children's book and a new single will be launched - Turtle Doves. In 2016 we wrote the band's first song, Turtle Doves, it is a ballad telling the tale of a domestic abuse victim. Ever since the band was formed we have been touring across the world, and we ended each of our shows with this song. Every night we were approached by many women and men who shared heart wrenching stories with us. Out of these stories which we've heard, and also out of the ones some of us personally experienced, we are finally releasing Turtle Doves in the form of a children's book illustrated by the Haifa based artist, Tal Asulin. Together with the book, the song became a multi-disciplinary piece which includes music, text and illustrations that help convey the message in an encompassing way.