Homecoming is a spectacle of sounds revealing a six-piece ensemble that ranges between dark rock and cinematic music. A colorful display, pushing further the band’s artistic viosion, dark and adventurous, full of risks and romance.

Indifferent to trends, Gunned Down Horses provides a ‘kamikazic’ stage approach, threading nostalgic high voltage rock performance with emotional compositions and innovative to an almost startling arrangements. Self-sacrifice through music. Perfect for big stages, a breath-taking concert.

Gunned Down, Stripped Down


An intimate acoustic concert, shedding new light on Gunned Down Horses’ songwriting and storytelling artistry and the images of the world they create in. Minimalistic, piano driven arrangements – showcasing their multi-instrumentalism on one hand while maintaining a lyrics fronted experience on the other.

A true chance of intimate connection between the ensemble and its audience, another step of proving Gunned Down Horses as a cult band and a top-quality performance.  Undeniable pleasure that blends with personal messages that WILL break your heart.

Gunned Down Horses Orchestra

A further manic interpretation of the band’s songs, celebrating a drunk cosmos where the bigger is better, as if pirates would have taken over Las Vegas. Surreal and filled with dark humor, cabaret rock and gypsy elements. A festive event that brings together music lovers of all genres.

Orchestra represents Gunned Down Horses’ reincarnation from the cellars of indie-music into a force to be reckoned with. Launching the band into a new artistic era, that had quickly signal them as an out of the box original DIY group.