The horses are dead! Long live the king!


The new coming Morricone rock\ dark cinematic pop phenomenon is once again on the loose. Heading to your home town.

Based in Haifa & Copenhagen, hailing from the world of experimental music, this five piece creates a blend of pop, cabaret, old westerns themes, film noir and european folk – ranging from small ballads with post punk attitudes to middle eastern jams and jewish music – all lyrics fronted with major theatrical influences.

During 2016, while independently playing tens of shows in 12 countries over Central Europe, Scandinavia ,Israel and Ireland, Gunned Down Horses released their debut album: Confess, My love, Confess (ft. Jenny Elisabeth) – with the radio attention throughout U.K, N.Y & Germany. All part of shedding their skin towards their next step.

2017 pushed even further their musical vision with the new production: Gunned Down Horses Orchestra – an above 15 participator show of great arrangements sounds and lights, along side new numbers revealing the music of their next album, coming out this year’s fall: Les Petit Suicides, from it, you can already listen to their new chaotic statement The SummerSong.

While still touring extensively around Israel and Europe, Gunned Down Horses describes their assembly of songs – each, as a small suicide, a circus, a curtain unveiling the introverted world of secrets and confessions, the kind each person has, but dare not to speak loudly of.

If one has ever missed another – this is a band for you.